Wine has always been very closely tied to the Arriezu name

José Félix Arriezu, our CEO and founder, grew up surrounded by the grapes that grew alongside him in his grandparents’ large spanish estates, in a small town right on the border between La Rioja and Navarra: San Adrián. In the year 1989, he starts to make his own wine to sell in bulk. From that point on, he’s dreamt of establishing his own brand of wine.

Having studied viticulture and enology, and collecting years of experience in the wine business in both national and international spheres, having lead innovative projects in wine production in Mexico and Spain, José Félix sets motion to his own adventure.

It is in 2013 when in La Sombría -one of his ranches in Pozaldez- he starts to produce verdejo wine, and in El Monte -in San Adrián-, his Riojan tempranillo. One white, one red, but both fruity, fresh, authentic, complex like any good wine and organic.